InStep Journey Bicycle Trailer  Carry Up to 2 Kids

In case you are parent for two small kids and plan to get them out for a ride on weekend, take the InStep Journey bicycle trailer into your consideration. It could be one of smart choices because it manages to carry up to 2 little passengers with maximum weight of 100 pounds. Furthermore, it comes with few noteworthy features that make it outstanding among other models.

First of all, this InStep bicycle trailer made of a sold frame as a result it could be a stable unit even when going around corners. Having said that, it only weight 25.5 pounds. With such lightweight design, most users found that it is easy to set up. Just about few minutes, they’ll be riding around with their child inside the trailer enjoying wonderful family time.

Next, its wheels lock on and release quickly so the bike trailer can fold flat. This is another great feature that makes it not bulky in size so you could easier carry while traveling or does not occupy too much place for storage when not in use.

Furthermore, it comes with the versatile coupler attachment that fits most bicycles. It also equipped with 16-inch tires which are a standard size for this kind of bike trailer for a comfortable ride. To keep small passengers protected during the journey, it has 2 in 1 canopy with a bug screen and a weather shield.


  • It features folding frame and quick release wheels allow for easy storage
  • There is 2 in 1 canopy includes bug screen and weather shield for your kids protection
  • It comes with 16 inches pneumatic tires with molded rims that offers performance and style
  • This InStep bicycle trailer could attaches to most bikes with a versatile coupler

InStep Journey Bicycle Trailer Review by Real Buyers

Customers have been rated it as 4.3 out of 5 stars in Amazon. In fact, it is top #34 in Amazon best seller under category of “Trailers” at the moment I write InStep Journey bicycle trailer reviews. I noticed that most buyers are happy with their purchase. One of them wrote:

This thing folds down for storage in less than a minute and assembles just as fast. It has a 100 lbs weight limit which is twice the limit of some cargo bike trailers which means I can use this for carrying kids, groceries backpacks, luggage, or anything I can fit into it. The reason why it is cheaper than the other Instep trailers is because most other trailers convert into a baby stroller, like the Instep Sierra which is 50% more on the price tag for the same color and capacity. Overall I recommend this buy for first-time bike trailer purchases.

However, there are some users feedback that the seat does not have a solid flat bottom. There are straps which bind the bottom of the seat to the frame, but some small passengers tend to fall in between them. So, just be aware not to ride over larger rocks that might scrape the bottom of the seat.

Bottom line, it is a well-worth product. Features that most customers like include its lightweight design, quick release wheels, and its weight capacity. Because of its maximum weight up to 100 pounds, this trailer could be used to carry groceries or other luggage. For those who are interest to know more about the InStep Journey bicycle trailer review by real buyers, continue by click on the button below.


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