Has the Ascension made the real impact in the company in tag team division?


Description: want to know about has ascension made the real impact in the company in tag team division? Here you will find all the relevant information to your doubts and queries about him.


Connor O’ Brian and victor was born on February 6, 1980 and December 4, 1980 both made their debut in 1999 and 2001. They are running a villainous tag team called the Ascension. They were part of the company’s developmental program NXT. So, far they have been very successful in the ring. They are the young guys who have the right talent to be fit in the pro wrestling right now. It is just beginning of their careers and they have already defeated so many current tag teams and put notice on everyone. They both have trained in FCW and in many training centers and winning countless matches so they head on to the in the main roster. Many of the critics and other past legends sees them they way they dress and talk reminds them of the road dogs the persona they carry is very commendable and looks like they will continue to dominate and lead them to a tag team opportunity.

  • How was their NXT journey?

A lot of young guys came to the NXT and watch wrestling to polish their wrestling skills and so they did by performing continuously and defeating other tag teams. Competing with great wrestler as an ally is not an easy thing which they did and that led them right in the main roster of the company. They have also won the NXT tag team champions which makes them the longest tag in the history of the show for 364 days.

  • Will they ever get a chance of WWE tag team championship?

The way they are performing in the roster it will be a matter of time they can win the tag team gold’s around their waist. Even though they have given the opportunity in the past which they have never utilize it but now they look more focused and determine as ever.

  • Can fans get along with them?

Watch wwe raw Nowadays, they are called the villainous tag team and fans certainly won’t like it. It will take them sometime to get along and get used to them in the future.

  • What about their current state in the company?

Apparently, they have formed a new addition to their tag team in shape of stardust together they call themselves the cosmic wasteland and competing in tag team matches.









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