Essential Self Travel Tips

Leisure Almost all museums of the world have free visits days. Get to know them and add reminders to your calendar. If you have transit through Singapore or Istanbul – do not forget to sign up for free sightseeing tours. What to see in the new city? Read the articles on the Internet “City for […]

Valuation Of Property For Sale

Valuation of property for sale today is one of the most common types of valuation activities. Property is the possession of the utility of objects owned or used by individuals or legal entities. Or, property is a combination of the property rights of a particular legal or physical person. Despite the fact that the buyer […]

Individual Property Valuation

The result of the work done is the Evaluation Report, signed and stamped by an accredited expert appraiser. The document displays the real market value of property items, calculated in accordance with the methodologies enshrined in the regulatory and legal documentation. These reports are legally binding and may be presented as evidence in court. In […]

Professional Estimate

Why do I need a professional estimate of the cost of housing and other property? There are a number of reasons why you should think about the need for professional property valuation, even if this is not required by law. To sell faster: Evaluation will help to navigate when setting prices and quickly sell an […]

Safety Provides Of Professional Services

At the moment, SAFETY provides a full range of professional services in: valuation of property, valuation of business, valuation of real estate. In addition, it provides consulting services in the field of: investment design, business plan development, management and legal advice, performs work in the field of industrial safety of enterprises. Evidence of our reliability […]

Music: what is it?

We are we ever asked the question? Most of us listen to music – or listen to what we think is music – without thinking about whether it is or not. Because nothing forbids thinking that what is listened to is music or not. So? What is music? If it is the ear that perceives […]